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Praxis AI is an award-winning digital education & research company dedicated to solving many of the world’s toughest problems, including climate change, inequality in education, cancer, hunger, cultural resilience, and global digital transformation. In 2022, Praxis AI won three Stevie AwardsTM including Startup of the Year, Educator of the Year (Alex Feltus), and the nation’s best hackathon for the Meharry Paseman Cancer BioHackathon.

Founded in 2019, Praxis AI revolutionized learning at a U.S. university, built a virtual institute for indigenous health research, designed a Digital Learning standard for the International Standards Organization (ISO), and hosted a cancer BioHackathon.

Praxis AI solutions accomplish sustained personal and global change by empowering underserved students (HBCU and AIHEC, for example) with experiential online science education and data-intensive research. At the heart of the programs are digital credentials, employment assistance, and the popular BioHackers podcast. In partnership with Avaya, Praxis AI has built an integrated Spaces Learning platform for onboarding and reskilling contact center agents throughout the world.

From a technology perspective, Praxis AI pioneered the application and integration of automated machine learning curation, cloud-based supercomputing, asynchronous learning journeys, synchronous virtual classrooms, and social collaboration for the purpose of skilling, research, and workforce development. Spaces Learning incorporates the world-class Avaya Spaces API for virtual classroom and collaboration.

From an operations perspective, the self-funded Praxis AI team comprises ed tech innovators, world-class engineers, and award-winning professors while connecting education institutions, government agencies (NSF and NIH), and employers with cohorts of underserved, amazing, smart students. The Praxis + Avaya Spaces Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is hosted in the highly secure, global AWS cloud.

Praxis AI is a sustainable, mission-driven, technology and service organization.

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