1: BioHackers Podcast Ep. 1 – What is a BioHacker featuring Alex Feltus

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the BioHackers Podcast!

In this episode, David and Alex discuss the formation and growth of the BioHacker movement, including the first BioHackathon (for Bill Paseman), the next iteration of the Vulcan Academy, Chaos Theory, the Praxis AI mission, Climate Change, and details on how you too can become a BioHacker (for free)!

Watch the Video Podcast on YouTube: https://youtu.be/41VnqSEHLk4

Here is a list of topics: 

• Welcome to Episode 1 (00:00)
• What are you vibing right now? (02:02)
• What is a BioHacker? (04:31)
• BioHackathon collaboration in Discord (09:48)
• Education to employment with digital credentials (13:34)
• Expanding the Feltus lab (17:32)
• What excites you in science today? (21:14)
• BioHacking climate change (25:07)
• Praxis AI mission (27:56)
• Wrangle BioHackathon for lung cancer (28:24)
• How do I become a BioHacker? (29:22)
• Join the BioHacker journey (32:37)
• Do gigaflops empower systems biology? (35:38)

Enjoy the Show!