2: BioHackers Podcast Ep. 2 – Chaos Theory featuring Reed Bender

Welcome to Episode 2 of the BioHackers Podcast!

In this episode, David and Alex welcome Reed Bender to the show. Together, they discuss creative ways for science to help find order in life’s randomness, including chaos theory, yoga’s role in biosciences, single cell RNA sequencing, democratized compute, sonic brain interactions, and holistic approaches to cancer research. It is a lot of FUN! 

Watch the Video Podcast on YouTube: https://youtu.be/k6g3l8ZI-VM

Here is a list of topics: 

  • Welcome to Episode 2 (00:00)
  • What is Chaos Theory? (00:44)
  • The Order of Life’s Randomness (02:30)
  • Welcome Guest: Reed Bender (05:39)
  • Integrating Yoga and BioSciences (09:26)
  • BioHackathon (13:40)
  • Chaos Theory in BioSciences (14:45)
  • Can BioHackers Disintermediate Science and Medicine? (18:21)
  • What is Single Cell RNA Sequencing? (24:41)
  • How to Achieve Democratized Compute (31:52)
  • Is Compute a Fundamental Service? (35:08)
  • Is Discord a Good Model for Democratized Compute? (38:24)
  • Currency Mining and the Development of Compute-based Biology Research (43:43)
  • Holistic Perspective Toward Cancer Research (48:00)
  • Universe as a Cloud (50:10)
  • Sound and the Brain (52:57)
  • What is a Biohacker to You? (1:01:05)
  • Closing Comments (1:04:45)

Enjoy the Show!