4: BioHackers Podcast Ep. 4 – Dynamic Cellular Models featuring Marc Birtwistle

Welcome to Episode 4 of the BioHackers Podcast!

 In this episode, David and Alex welcome Marc Birtwistle to the show. Together, they discuss mathematical modeling as a time machine for the cell, the lab of the future, great advice for careers in science, kinesthetic learning, and Marc’s cool new company, Blotting Innovations.  

 Watch the Video Podcast on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/ATWPnCblx0M 

 Here is a list of topics: 

  • Welcome to Episode 4 (00:00)
  • In Silico Science (01:01)
  • Modeling Weather of the Cell (03:26)
  • Welcome Marc to the Show (06:42)
  • Don’t Panic – Marc’s Story I (08:54)
  • Pivot into Biosciences (13:49)
  • Lab of the Future (18:58)
  • When You Stop Moving … You’re Dead (24:54)
  • Modeling is a Time Machine (27:01)
  • Causality: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (30:26)
  • Modeling is an Aha Moment for Cell Biology (33:15)
  • Models as Kinesthetic Learning Tools (40:45) 
  • Blotting Innovations – Marc’s Story II (43:20)
  • What is a BioHacker to You? (50:08)  

 Enjoy the Show!